Time for a toast

Scooby and Shaggy, Spongebob and Patrick even Bart and Milhouse. Yes give it up for the best friend.

Photo: McBeth Flickr

Photo: McBeth Flickr

Everyone has one whether we talk to them daily; a couple of times a month or a few times a year without them life would be incomplete.

Whether they’ve been childhood friends with whom we spent countless hours discussing the finer details of dream weddings or whether we met them in high school and they helped discover who we were they’ve always made a strong case to become forever part of us. Somehow turning into part of the family without sharing a single drop of DNA.

Someone we know we’ve taken for granted far too many times especially when they’ve heard us cry about the same relationship one time to many. Their clothes line our wardrobe and if ever were stuck with what to wear sneaking another item of their clothing in is always the easiest option. The best of all were guaranteed the truth from them whether that means crying bucket loads or wanting to book a celebratory holiday away.

Not all best friends come in the female form, whether people choose to believe it it’s their business but guys and girls can be friends and he can be the most important person in our life whilst divulging the curious ways the male mind works. He too will hold our hair back after one too many and listen to drunken ramblings while making sure we arrive home safe.

When arguments happen they’re huge but with someone we share every aspect of our life they were never going to be anything less but it seems no matter what happens or how reckless we’ve behaved the bond truly is unbreakable.

As we head towards the end of the year and into a new one seems like there’s no better time to feel nostalgic and appreciate the best.


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