On the look Scout

Seven horses, two muddy puddles, one deep well and Scout.

This weekend my older sister Steph took her puppy Scout out for her first walk off the lead. Scout is a pepper coloured German Pointer and she is extremely energetic.

I’ve got to say I’ve never seen a dog so mothered by my sister, she was her baby. So when we were faced with letting her off the lead our eyes were glued to her.

Our first challenge, stopping her from climbing the vertical banks and running through the bracken, this dog thought she was Spiderman.

The second challenge, stopping her from killing herself. This was the hardest. Scout could run, she was definitely fast and so when she decided to chase after something (most probably her imagination) there was no stopping her. We caught up to her and this was when we decided she had to be on a lead, she was inches away from falling down a well at least ten foot deep. The dog’s life flashed before my eyes let alone the dogs! Luckily, my sister lured her away from her fate and brought her back to the path, heart attack over.

Back on the lead, but not for long. We came to an open field, perfect for a new puppy to run riot and tire herself out, or so we thought.

The field had deep muddy puddles which Scout swam through, dug, and rolled in, loving life. That was nice in the car ride home for my sister!

As she rolled around, we heard a massive shriek from over the hill, from a horse. Suddenly four black horses charged straight over the hill towards Scout and us. At this point we were in the middle of the field, no direct escape.

What do you actually do in this situation? This is a life lesson I have not yet been taught.

According to Google you have to stay still and not run, that’s easier said than done!

I actually thought this was it, we are going to die.

My sister grabbed Scout who at this point was dark brown with mud. The horses slowed down and walked towards us, we slowly walked towards the path again. A second shriek was heard, again over the hill and even more horses ran over towards us. This was enough for me so, we probably shouldn’t have, but we ran and ran and prayed and ran back to the path. Don’t worry we survived, no physical harm anyway.

I’m still in shock from the events this weekend, Scout best appreciate I put my mental health on the line for her first walk.

My advice for you, if you get a puppy is to go to a football pitch or somewhere you can see all four corners of the area you are in. Get a stretchy lead, one that you can let the dog go metres in front of you but your still in control in case they decide to parasail down a well.

Or, get a cat.


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