Justin Bieber

Obey? What started off as a sticker campaign and has now turned into a massive brand name, but what really is Obey about?

It seems to be the clothing range that everybody is talking about, especially on the internet. From my own experience what I’ve mostly heard is ‘do you like my new Obey snapback’ or rather ‘have you seen my Obey t-shirt?’.

But deep amongst the blogging communities the real meaning behind the logo is appearing. It’s been spreading like wildfire amongst people everywhere but do people really know the true motives behind the brand name?

Obey in itself is a huge awareness campaign. Some people have caught onto the label as a sort of anti-establishment campaign which induces peoples ‘rebellious side’. But in reality Obey supports different causes, amongst these causes are causes such as breast cancer awareness and feeding Haiti, a main heart-warming factor is Obey donated 100% of its proceeds to its charities. So get buying!

Celebrities have been getting involved and wearing Obey, the popular Justin Bieber has been spotted wearing Obey as you can see and also Lauren Conrad former Hills star was found to be wearing an Obey necklace on the red carpet.

lauren conrad


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