Hangover hell!


One of the worst parts of going out has and probably will always be the next day. Trying to piece together your night whilst your stomach turns on the thought of how much you drank, makeup smudged all over your face and of course that strange smell which is a cross between cigarettes and beer.

I decided to offer some of my own hangover tips to try and help you guys out after your wild nights out!

Number 1.

Drink water before crashing. It is a known fact that water is amazing for a hangover anyway, but I’ve determined that if you drink around three glasses before bed, you wake up with a clear head!

Number 2.

Remove makeup before sleeping. As stupid as it sounds, us girls have all experienced waking up and not being able to open our eyes because last night’s mascara has just about cemented them shut. Nothing feels better than waking up with a fresh face.

Number 3.

Brush and tie up hair before sleeping. Again, it may sound silly, but this little trick is bound to make you feel better in the morning. Waking up in the night with brittle, hair sprayed hair all in your face making you hot and bothered has never been attractive. Also brushing your hair makes your shower in the morning a lot less knotty.

Number 4.

Eat a good hearty breakfast. Avoid the takeaway route on your way home and look forward to a good breakfast in the morning. Rather than going for something greasy, go fruity! It may not sound too appealing but it’s better for you in the long run and makes you feel a lot more refreshed than a greasy fry up does!

Number 5.

Make sure you take comfy jamas to wherever you are staying, or make sure they are laid out for you at yours when you get home. It may seem a small token, but nothing beats being able to get out of the alcohol reeking clothes and into comfy jamas.

Number 6.

Brush those teeth! Minty fresh breath makes you feel a hundred times fresher and cleaner in the morning. Get rid of all the tastes of the night, the smokey breath and maybe even the sick after that one drink too many!

Hopefully, if you follow these fool proof tips, you’ll wake up in the morning feeling a lotbetter than you would have done! Good luck girls!


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