Festival Fever.


It’s that time of year again, festival fever is settling in.

Festivals are releasing their acts, people are realising just how much they ‘need’ a ticket and then, the wait begins, will you get a ticket? How are you going to afford this £200 ticket? What will the line-up be? Who am I going to go with? There are so many factors to think about.

The ticket rush is one of the worst things I have ever put myself through. Sitting, staring at a computer screen, mouse poised, ready to click as soon as the time comes. Refresh, refresh, refresh! ‘Please let it go through, tell me I have a ticket secured’. I remember it like it was yesterday.  That beautiful moment when the computer screen tells you that you’ve got your ticket, it’s paid for and you know for certain you are off to have the time of your life for a weekend, the feeling is just priceless.

Already this year is beginning to look amazing as Reading/Leeds festival have released a few headliners which have shocked everyone. Reading/Leeds has announced that Eminem will be headlining this year, a shocker for all the rockers I must say. Many people have welcomed the change in music theme but some however seemed quite outraged at the change.

I as a consistent Reading festival ‘goer’ welcome Eminem, I feel this is going to be new and fresh to the ‘Reading festival scene’. As many have pointed out, how many iconic rock bands could have filled his spot as headliner that we haven’t already had before? A new music infusion could really do the festival some good, especially as it hasn’t sold out for the past two years like it used to. Maybe this year it will finally be back to its usual capacity? We need people fighting for tickets left, right and centre again!

Well, let us hope and pray that we will all get the tickets we want this year, just make sure you get in there early or your festival dreams will be over before they even started!


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