Ice ice baby…

It’s that time of year again where anything that radiates the smallest amount of heat becomes welcomed with open arms into our lives, yes were heading into winter where minus temperatures are all too common.

Where the winds make your hair look like it’s been through an interesting blow dry, the journey to work makes it seem as if a track to the Arctic would be easier and fingers become so numb we struggle with simple tasks such as taking out the correct change for a cup of coffee, finding the door keys and even using our beloved phone the weather truly does rule the roost at this time of year. It’s no wonder our days are spent dreaming of going back home to sleep in front of the fireplace followed by a beautifully cooked home meal served by the man of our dreams, well I did say dreaming.

With the cold being so terrible, below are a few tips to help you survive the season.

  • The easiest way to warm up is through hot food or drink. Stock your cupboards up with tea, coffee and hot chocolate and for those nights where you know you won’t want to cook (and there’ll be a few) have plenty of cans of soup ready to tip into a saucepan and heat up. Life doesn’t get simpler.
  • The cold is known to wreak havoc with your skin and cause it to go dry and flaky, so on those nights you’re in and have time, pamper yourself. Run yourself a hot bath and apply a facemask to restore some of that all important moisture you will have lost.
  • It’s the same for your hair; extreme temperatures are going to cause it to dehydrate and become frizzy so invest in a hair mask you can apply once a week to keep it looking silky smooth.
  • Journeys will consist of dealing with all sorts of weather from rain to sleet, be prepared to spend extra time on travelling. If you’re a driver its worth being patient, a lot of accidents are avoidable and incur because of people being inpatient.
  • It can become boring rattling around in a house by yourself there’s only so many things to do by alone, find someone to spend time with to ease the boredom.
  • Always wrap up warm for more items that should be in your wardrobe there’s a new post for you, All prepared for the Arctic.
Photo: Adam Zaman

Photo: Adam Zaman

While the weather may make it seem like it’s all doom and gloom this time of year does have its magic.

The festive atmosphere is hard not to get swept away in everyone seems so jolly, it’s the time of year strangers seem to realise they can be nice to each other. Whether you’re a Christmas fan or not, you cannot deny how pretty the Christmas lights look lit up against a dark night’s sky. Even coffee shops are involved in the spirit with seasonal drinks such as gingerbread lattés and if you’re not a fan of coffee there is always the mint hot chocolate.

The cold air gives us the perfect excuse to say au revoir to the gym; after all it’s not worth the risk falling on black ice, is it? Possibly the best of all the top movies are released at this time of year just in time for award season contention and the summer blockbusters are released on DVD, perfect for cosy nights in.

It makes you realise whilst it’s easy to find faults and problems with something it is harder to look at what might make it endearing so in between dreaming about the summer and holidays in the sun, take some time out to embrace all this time of year has to offer and you may be nicely surprised.


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