All prepared for the Arctic

Following on from my last post about the weather I’ve put together a fail proof wardrobe to help you through the dire conditions.

Photo: Kit Flickr

Photo: Kit Flickr

The importance of investing in a solid winter jacket cannot be underestimated. Unfortunately it might cost quite a bit but as one of the items of clothing that has the smallest changes year on year you can keep it for as long as it’ll last and the better the quality the longer it will stay with you. With so many fashionable jackets available it’s easy to get carried away be sure to pick one that suits you, ask for a second opinion off someone you trust just to be sure and you’ll be ready to go.

A scarf or snood, whatever you choose it’s hard to go wrong. Whether you’re someone who prefers a dark thick woolly snood or a stunningly engraved handmade scarf you’ll be able to find it all with them available in a variety of colours, fabrics and styles there’s no better way to get your personality across and stay warm at the same time.

Hats are essential for the winter wardrobe and if you want to avoid hat hair, earmuffs are the way forward. Hats are similar to scarves, the variety out there is incredible and there fairly inexpensive so you’re able to have one to match every outfit. While earmuffs are genius at keeping your ears snug and with everyone from the top designers to the high street selling earmuffs there’s no reason not to have a pair.

Mittens are absolutely heaven sent when it comes to protecting yourself from the chilly blast. While they still make children look adorable they’ve managed to force their way into the adult world and we should be thankful as they are wonderfully thick and come in the most beautiful designs. Mittens aren’t practical for everyone and if there not for you buy a pair of gloves to keep warm.

Wellingtons have become a staple piece in the wardrobe during the past couple of years and for those who haven’t got them, go buy a pair. Whilst they may not look like the most versatile pair of shoes looks can be deceiving, they’ll rescue you in the wind, snow, ice and rain. Just make sure you have a thick pair of socks on to.

Whilst wellingtons are soldiers for the feet, they are not suitable for work. There’s nothing worse than having cold wet feet thanks to a cute but impractical pair of ballet pumps so look for boots that are made specifically for the winter season, all the high street shops do them so there’s no reason not to find a pair that will look good with your outfit. The best part is there made to survive so you’ll be able to dig them out again next year.

With temperatures as low as they are it’d be unrealistic to go bare legged so if you’re going to wear a dress, skirt or shorts wear a pair of tights. Thick woollen tights are available everywhere and if you don’t fancy them you can always buy a regular pair but it’s always better to protect your skin and stay warm in this weather.

Whilst you’re at home instead of having the heating cranked up invest in a sweater. The feeling of lounging around on a dark cold night in a thick woollen sweater is all part of the seasons charm after all it does have some.

There are not many items that are essentials needed to keep warm, meaning there’s no reason not to have them.


Photo: John Karakatsanis Flickr


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