Send me a mixtape darlin’

One of the greatest presents I ever remember receiving was a mixtape when I was 12. From the hand drawn cover, to the carefully thought out setlist. It was the greatest example that: ‘it’s the thought that counts’.

Since the turn of the century the mixtape (or CD) has been dying out. We no longer sit at home on ancient computers for hours burning CDs and then waiting to see friends at school to swap your heavily thought-over gift.

But now it has never been easier to share a song with your friends, telling thousands on your various social network sites about that song you heard on the radio or advert, and it can be all done by the click of a button.

With new applications such as Spotify and Soundcloud you can now create a playlist with as many songs as you like (you are no longer limited to sixty minutes like you were before – or ninety minutes if you had the expensive CDs!). Sadly you can’t show off your artwork as easily, but I still like to agonise over the song list and try and limit myself to 7 songs.

So here at Minerva we want to gift you with some music, a virtual mixtape.



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