Rylan Clark’s X Factor journey ended last night, but was nothing short of a high for the entertainer. 

Rylan Clark gives an emotional goodbye to X Factor

©Rex Features

Since the beginning of the show Rylan has been named as the ‘joke act’. This is from his singing talents not being at same level as other contestants as well as his performances involved in his act. However, his personality shone through and the judges put him through to the live shows.

From Spice Girls to Gangnam Style, Rylan showed everybody that he was worthy of his place, and earned his respect from the public and was adored by other acts.

Over the years, we’ve had ‘joke’ contestants from Wagner and even Jedward who shot to fame after the show. However its clear Rylan stands out. We all love the Essex vibe and he has continued to show us why!

Rylan proudly shows the cameras how long he was in competition for

©Rex Features

Last night he was put into the bottom two alongside Louis Walsh’s boygroup Union J, and unfortunately everybody knew his time was up. He sang Athlete’s Wires beautifully, and proved his improvement throughout was show. He was even praised by Gary, who wished him the best of luck and praised him for how amazing he had done during the competition.

When asked about his future on This Morning and where he’d like this to take him, Rylan admitted, ‘I really really don’t know.

‘But whatever comes my way, I will welcome it with open arms but if it was all to end tomorrow morning and that was the last anyone saw of me I would have a massive smile on my face because I’ve got the best memories from the last few months I really have.’

He also mentioned that he thought Chris Maloney could win the show after having such a great following. Oo-ohhh!


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