When you’re in a relationship, you want it to be about you both and the journey you’re taking.  But beware of the girl watching over your man. We all know somebody like her. To men, butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth and is does her best to make everybody around her happy. To us ladies, we refer to her as a ‘dog whistler’ as we hear what the men don’t – and the sound is painful!

Beware of the dog whistler

©Flo Rida

She’s there playing best friends with your man as she makes them believe she’s just ‘one of the boys’.

Fluttering her newly attached false eyelashes with the subtle flirting and the playful chatter, is everything a woman should avoid when a man is in a relationship, with someone else!!

If you think this woman is going to pretend to be your friend too, think again. She claims all women hate her and she just cant understand why (we do).

Do you know the women I’m talking about?


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