Nadine Dorries becomes the first person to be evicted from I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Dorries spent only 12 days in the jungle before being voted out by the public; leaving contestants such as Helen Flanagan and Colin Baker devastated. She was suspended from her party after signing up to the ITV show.

She told Ant and Dec she’d had a fascinating experience from her time on the programme.

‘I think it is important that MPs realise that you need to go where the public go. More people vote on X Factor and I’m A Celebrity than they do in the general elections. MPs need to go where people vote.’

Her predication was that boxer David Haye would win the show, with actress Helen Flanagan and Eric Bristow being the runners up. She also commented that she knew she would be the first to leave the competition. This is after the backlash from leaving her MP duties  to come to Australia.

MP Nadine has left the jungle in last place

©Nigel Wright. Nadine Dorries is the first to leave the jungle.

She stated: ‘I’m not disappointed at being the first, especially when you’re starving. I kind of expected it actually. I don’t think the public actually understand how hard and how difficult it is down there.

‘The effect it has on your body when you’re down there with three teaspoons of rice a day is hard, hard, hard.’

Her aim was to go onto the show to raise awareness on important issues. But, do you think she achieved this or was it a secret plot to gain fame?


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