Hate the player vs Hate the game

Unfortunately, being single isn’t always the only dilemma. You can be surrounded by players, who have no intention of sticking around. But should we hate on the player or just the game they play?

Lucy Watson plays the perfect player in all new MIC

©E4 Playing the game – MIC star Lucy Watson defending herself on her ‘playful’ attitude.

Last night on Made In Chelsea, we saw newbie Lucy Watson dating two friends who were oblivious of her plan. This left the friends fighting, and her smiling like a Cheshire cat.

On her defence, she claimed she was doing nothing wrong. She wasn’t official with other men and is just a single girl enjoying her youth.

But, can it be classed as nothing when your hurting other peoples feelings? Or should us singletons be aware of the ‘game’ we are meant to be open to.

Would you allow a single male you’re seeing to display this behaviour?


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