Latest in Beauty

Ladies our wish has been granted. There’s finally a website which sends us a package of the latest beauty products for the simple price of a text! 

Latest Beauty Buys

When I first heard about the website, like you’re probably thinking there would be a catch. But, I decided to have a look through, and after seeing products I’d like to try I gave it a go. Sure enough, when it came to payment, I had to send a simple text to the website for a code, which just covers price of P&P. Less than a week later it has arrived!

Among my selection was a Sanctuary Facial, A body conditioner from Royal Ballet and a beautiful lip conditioner from Beauty Fixation.

Lip Conditioner by Beauty FixationI’ve always struggled with extremely dry lips, especially in the winter. However, this clever product, uses swab applicators which are pre-filled with the conditioner and allows you to smoothly apply the mixture. It leaves your lips looking and feeling great.

Visit today to get your package!


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