Thousands of viewers were like shocked last night when two contestant favourites, Ella Henderson and James Arthur, were left in the bottom two.

Deeming one of the most shocking moments of X Factor history so far, show favourites Ella Henderson and James Arthur found themselves in the bottom two. After a gripping sing-off, and several tears from judges and contestants the decision went to deadlock. This left 17 year old Ella Henderson, who had been deemed by many as the next Adele, to leave the competition.

Favourites Ella Henderson and James Arthur found themselves in bottom two last night

©ITV The bottom two left the audience shocked.

All judges were outraged with the bottom two, and encouraged the audience to vote for the most talented acts who most deserved their place. Both of the bottom two, were tipped to be finalists from the beginning.

After last night, Tulisa now has no acts left in the competition. There are also no girls left, making it an all boy race to the final.

Questions have now been raised over the ‘voting system’ on the show, which has left unpopular contestant Chris Maloney and the non-singer Rylan Clark heading to the quarter finals. How can Christopher still be in the running to win this year?! Especially as his mentor Gary Barlow announced that he wanted James Arthur to win.

Possible issues over Ella’s shock exit could be lack of votes but most importantly the rumoured love triangle between her and two Union J members George and Josh.

Its almost just as shocking that James Arthur was against her in the sing off?!  He’s amazing. Whatever the reasons we’re shocked.


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