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Some celebrities like to live a down to earth life, they use the media in the best way possible, exploit them like crazy when they have something to promote and just as quickly disappear from the limelight once their job is complete. 

That’s some celebrities; the same cannot be said for global superstar Rihanna, after being discovered at sixteen and getting signed to hip hop king jay Z, Rihanna released her debut album in 2005 and has been constantly bombarded to fans around the world since.

It’s hard to believe that Rihanna is only twenty four having achieved what stars years older than her are just reaching. There’s no doubt she is incredibly hard working on the cusp of releasing her seventh studio album in as many years and relentlessly touring it’s hard to think she makes time for herself.

Having always got new music out it’s no surprise the star is always in need on publicity but when does it become too much? If you were to think of a celebrity who needs to disappear for a while Rihanna would definitely be around the top of the list yet she courts controversy on a daily basis so there’s little chance of vanishing. Whether she’s posting provocative pictures on instagram of her smoking weed or whether it’s her including Chris Brown the man who physically abused her on her new album whilst taunting the media over the nature of her relationship with him it seems Rihanna has graduated with first class honours from the school of attention seeking.

Then there’s the other side of the coin Rihanna is gorgeous and young she’s behaving like any other woman her age with such a fantastic figure would do, she’s purely enjoying life. She’s has never said she wants to be a role model and as she said before it’s up to parents to parent, not her to do their job. Rihanna also comes across as incredibly down to earth having just embarked on her 777 tour, travelling the world doing seven tour dates in seven days in seven different countries along side with her fans and members of the media. How many other artists would be willing to travel with people they don’t know?

The problem is while Rihanna may be utterly lovely, she like many other celebrities complaining about the media intrusion in her life but surely if she didn’t encourage the press she’d have one thing less to complain about.


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