Fuzzy face

Moustaches? Love them or hate them were mid way through Movember and the moustaches are well and truly coming along.

For those unsure of what the word means, it’s a mash up of the words November and moustache and is a month where the men in your life should be encouraged to give up shaving their moustache and look wacky all for the good cause of encouraging awareness and raising funds for men’s health, specifically prostate and testicular cancer.  Attempting to highlight dangerous health issues to avoid preventable deaths can only be applauded.

Movember is said to originate in Australia where an event was created in which thirty men would grow moustaches for thirty days in order to alert the public about the dangers of prostate cancer and depression. The idea spread like wildfire and the group later on became the Movember foundation charity.

The charity has done some amazing work since and last year raised over seventy nine point three million pounds with over eight hundred and fifty thousand moustache growing men. These figures are remarkable and a lot is yet still to be done to raise men’s health awareness to the same level of women’s, doing your small part and telling the men in your life (boyfriend, brother, father) there allowed to stop grooming for thirty days can only be an exciting prospect for them, just making sure they get the month right they are men after all.

Check out all the incredible work the Movember foundation have done and donate at Movermber.com.

Picture: Natasha Raouf


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