Photo: Kate Evans

As Sandra Bullock in her glamorous performance as Miss Congeniality so rightly taught us, self-defence is important for us ladies to know!

Being girls can be a pain sometimes, we have it tough! We produce other human beings, we have hormones flying all over the show, we have to have that perfect figure, we spend endless amounts of money on beauty products to attract the opposite sex “because we are worth it”?  And to top it off we are physically weaker than men.

The most practiced “cat-fight” just might not be enough to save you. We need to be produce the shock factor, some women may not be physically stronger, but we can be like a ninja and here are some basic self-defence methods to save you from the alpha male or even a butch female!

Warning: do not try this at home please.

  1. The eye gouge

Sounds lovely doesn’t it? By using your thumbs and putting pressure on the attackers eyes will definitely have him backing away!

  1. The ear slap

This will disorientate your attacker and could – if done hard enough – rupture their ear drums, sending them to the floor in pain. Giving you a chance to get away from there!

  1. The lower leg

If you are grabbed from behind, use the edge of your foot, assuming you are wearing shoes and scrape as hard as you can down the attackers shin followed by a good stomp on the attackers ankle.

  1. Genitals

If the attacker tries to grab your wrist, lift it as high as possible and give a strong knee kick in his genitals. Or, try bending his arm the wrong way. He will soon forget about your wrist!

  1. SING!

Solar Plexus (a.k.a stomach!)

Inter step



As shown in this short clip, Sandra Bullock shows us the perfect way of defending yourself from an attack from behind, learn this girls!


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