‘Those booty shorts really bring out your personality’

Shorts, short shorts, and now knickers? When did this transition happen?

A new fashion has appeared on the scene and it seems like skin tight ‘shorts’ or as they appear, knickers are now all the rage.  Maybe I’m just being prudent, but last I heard, if you have parts hanging out, usually this is the time to cover it up!

Typically I take the stance that women should be able to wear what they want, but then where is the line drawn? When does it become acceptable to go out in next to nothing? Am I the only one who can see the irony in not getting let into a club due to wearing trainers, yet girls are lining up in practically their underwear and getting welcomed at the door? You get your typical dress code in clubs, no hoody’s, no trainers and typically it will say ‘smart dress’ or ‘smart casual’ but  I believe I missed the section approving underwear.

Fashion has always been a strange concept to me due to its ever changing and fast moving nature, constantly going in different directions. But this new direction has shocked me on a whole new level. In all fairness, being only 19, I can understand that girls want to have fun and wear clothes which are revealing in an attempt to attract a partner, but I strive to understand how if you have to wear this kind of thing, who are you attracting? Maybe it’s just me who would prefer to have someone show interest in my mind rather than my outfit.

Times seem to be changing, gone are the days of chivalry and romantic gestures. Maybe I’m clinging onto some delusional romantic fantasy of John Cusack standing outside my window with a boom box in the film ‘Say Anything’ or maybe I’m waiting for my very own Patrick Swayze to teach me how to dirty dance.

I wonder if there will ever be a day when fashion does a complete turnaround and suddenly releases a full line based on the 16th/17th century and it actually catches on. Maybe a few corsets and floor length skirts, underneath these skirts perhaps a metal petticoat. A walk down the street would be like a walk through history, Bonnets and lace around every corner, it will be the new vintage.  A girl can only dream…


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