Fireworks are enjoyed by us year in year out, however this a source of fear for many animals.

However it doesn’t have to be like this. My dog calms down from being distracted with her toys or even just being cuddled. So, here’s our guide to keeping your animals safe and happy –  which is recommended by the RSPCA.

Pets need comfort during the Fireworks period

1. Most animals take comfort from having somewhere to hide, so make sure this is always available to them. This could be under a table or a chair.

Keeping your dogs entertained is key

Play with your animals in daytime during Fireworks season.

2. During these times, avoid taking your dog for walks at night time to avoid times where fireworks are likely to be set off.

Distractions from the fireworks will keep your pet calm

Keep your pets distracted from fireworks.

3. At night time, close curtains and windows and use a television/music to wave out the sound to allow your dog to be distracted from the noise outside.

4.Ignore your dogs behaviour when they’re showing signs of fear or it will escalate their feelings. Only intervene if they are going to be at harm.

5.Don’t punish or fuss your dog. This will make things worse in the long run.

6. Most importantly, make sure your dog is kept in a safe, secure environment, so they can’t escape. Make sure your pet is micro chipped just in case.

Small animals can also find Fireworks distressing

Small animals such as hamsters should be kept safe through fireworks.

Small animals can also react from fireworks and will need extra comfort. If they’re kept outside, make sure they have lots of bedding so they can bury. Use blankets to hide the sound but make sure they can see outside the cage.



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