Smooth Operator!

This is an image off google of fruit as hot air balloons.

Photo: BadmintoncentralTV

Everyone loves a good smoothie! It’s full of everything you need; fibre, vitamins and it makes you feel good because you’re being healthy too.But! How expensive? Whilst I was doing my food shop the other day I noticed that for one 160ml Innocent smoothie using two types of fruit, it was £1.86. You can buy four times as much fruit for the same price at the market and make your own. This is when I thought to test the public on this.

I ended up buying the Innocent smoothie bottle and a Tesco Value smoothie for comparison. The Tesco Value smoothie was 83p cheaper. I then went to the market and bought 7 oranges, 5 apples, a tub of strawberries and 4 bananas for £3.20 bargain! I went home, got the blender out and got making! The first of my smoothies was part chopped apple, orange and strawberries. The second was everything thrown together – why not!

This is the fruit I used to make the smoothie.

Photo: Harriet Booth

I then added the fruit to the blender.

Photo: Harriet Booth

This is an image of the blended fruit.

Photo: Harriet Booth

By blindfolding some students I got them to taste each smoothie, including the Innocent smoothie and the Tesco Value smoothie, to see if they could taste the difference. To do this, with the little help from my friends who helped make sure the participants kept their eyes shut! We didn’t let the participant hold the drink so they would only be able to guess the drink through a straw, which were all the same size.

This is one of my participants who tasted each of the smoothies.

Photo: Harriet Booth

This is my second participant, I used a blindfold as this participant was the least likely to keep his eyes shut!

Photo: Harriet Booth

This is my third participant.

Photo: Harriet Booth

Turns out they couldn’t, especially the bought ones! The only way they could tell which one was home made was because of the texture. But! Even after doing this little experiment everyone kept reaching for the home made smoothie as they preferred it to the others!

A general consensus of those I asked said that they would most likely buy an Innocent smoothie over a Tesco Value smoothie purely down to the marketing side of the drink. Ever since the whole Jamie Oliver’s eat well and stop obesity started, companies such as Innocent smoothies have strived. But are they really healthy? Looking at the innocent smoothie drink, the colour is so vibrant in comparison to my smoothie, what is actually in that thing? The innocent smoothie says it has 14g of sugar in a 160ml bottle. It’s definitely better for you to make your own!

So to conclude, even though it is more convenient to buy a smoothie, the home made smoothie has proved to be tastier and is definitely healthier because you know exactly what is in it and you get more for your money!

This is an image off google of fruit as hot air balloons.

Photo: BadmintoncentralTV


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