Going the Distance

Starting University is potentially the beginning of the rest of your life. However for many people, it’s a challenge to leave their partners behind. 

Long distance relationships have both their flaws and benefits. X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger openly admits the strain that comes from being apart.

Nicole and Lewis know what it takes to make a long distance relationship work

Picture taken by: Daily Mail

“I wouldn’t wish a long-distance relationship on anyone, Lewis would say the same. But if it’s worth it, you fight for it. We try to see each other as much as possible.”

“Every relationship has its things and you work it out. We made it last for four years so far, so it definitely makes things interesting and challenging.”

We can’t help but agree with Nicole. So, here’s our guide to making it last.

1. Make everyone second count. After all, it’s quality over quantity. This will lead to emotional happiness.

2. Keep the communication. – Whether it’s on Skype or over the phone, this contact will make you feel like there’s no distance.

3. Stay supportive. – There’s nothing worse than having an argument you can’t fix. Whether it’s over a roomate you think is being a bit too ‘friendly’ or a night out that makes you question the loyalty, stay calm! Keep it in while you’re apart, or they will move further apart.

4. Be happy! Most importantly stay positive. You have the freedom to see your pals whenever you chose, or even have a lazy day out the blue. The partner will be there waiting for you, on the other end of the computer.

What’s your guide to making it work? Comment below or tweet us at @Minerva_Mag


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